Kerry - Suwanee

"My son James was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder / Mild Aspergers when he was four-years-old, having headaches several times a week. He's now doing well in school and headaches have been pretty much a non-issue."

Elaine - Dacula

"I had chronic leg and thigh pain since my double-hip replacement and had to use a cane occasionally. I am now walking without pain and am able to walk long distance with no pain at all. I feel 110% better. My cane is now in the closet!"


Horseback Riding

“When I was 21, I had a horseback riding accident that damaged my lower back and right hip. Since about age 34, I have struggled with pain on and off from those injuries. Over the past 7 years, I have done the steroid/muscle relaxer routine a few times along with rounds of physical therapy. Massage therapy had brought me great relief many times. During my recent battle with low back/hip pain, I tried everything that usually helped. I did not want to do the steroid/muscle relaxer routine if I could help it. I decided to give the SET therapy a try. Carolyn was wonderful and tried to explain the techniques to me as she worked on me. I began to feel some relief almost immediately. After a few sessions, I was able to return to the gym and resume my regular exercise schedule. My posture improved noticeably too.”

Tammy – Buford, Georgia

Jeff - Hoschton

"I came to see Carolyn to deal with a sore hip that aggravated me consistently. After the first session, I ran into the parking lot with no pain at all. I'll be back!"


Jim -Snellville

"Six sessions, no pain, 15 extra yards! (Golf)"

Sara - Dacula

"By my third session I was pain free! I was able to return to CrossFit completing the workouts stronger than before!"


No Longer Living in Pain

I started on the journey to wellness 16 months ago. I had been going to a chiropractor 3 times a week for 3 months. He had put me in a 9mm lift in my right shoe to help straighten up my spine. He continued to do adjustments, also using “ROCKTAPE” and stretching exercises. He took more x-rays and said he needed to increase the lift, but now I would have to have them made onto the bottom (11mm) of my shoe, with 7mm insert. He wanted a 18mm lift to even me up. Following my initial visit to Carolyn Davis for SET, I picked up my new shoes on the way home.

Carolyn told me that the work she was doing would release the muscles and strengthen my ability to hold the new structure. This process has not been fast or easy, but so worth it! I have been very committed to my therapy and doing my part. Carolyn Davis is amazing and so dedicated to this process. There are times that the work she does is so painful I want to quit, but two days later I feel so much better and able to move more freely. I have lived in pain for so many years that I just got use to it. There were things I could do and a lot of things I knew I could not do without my lower back, neck or knee going out on me. I have taken prescription pain medication and muscle relaxers for 15 years. I no longer take either. I feel like I have a new and better life as the result of Structural Energetic Therapy®. I have also done “breathing” – Advanced Emotional Stress Release work with Carolyn. Very tough, yet Freeing. I had no idea that I could have so much stress locked in my body and mind. I did not know or had any hope at 52 that I could feel good, sleep good, or do the simple things that are a part of my everyday life now. Thank you, seems so little for so much that I have been given. Oh, I now wear a small 7mm lift inside my regular shoe. My neck is strong and steady. I am able to bend over, and I can squat down without my back or knee going out.

Martha Ann McClain

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